HypoAllergenic Siberian kitten

Regal and Hypoallergenic Siberian Kitten available now. This Black classic with white Siberian kitten is available for her new home. Contact Croshka Siberians located in Atlanta Georgia.

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  1. We just lost our dear cat Dale to cancer. He lived to be 19. We lost Chip 2 years prior…. We got both Chip and Dale from you in 1999 and might be interested in getting two more. We would like to know the cost and what is available. Please respond to me at barbara@romans-group.com

    • HI! I am very sorry for your loss of the two cats. I rarely read these comments and sorry it took so long to reply. I have kittens available and expect more after the first of the year. Please feel free to call 678-859-2657 or email kathy@siberian-cat.net

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