Coat Color

The Siberian Cat come in a variety of colors and markings:


Red Tabby

Seal Point

Blue Torbie

Red Lynx Point

Blue McTabby White

Cream Tabby

Solid Blue

Blue McTabby

Seal Lynx Point

Torbie Point

Brown McTabby

Brown McTabby White

Brown Torbie White

Brown McTabby

Blue with White

Blue Point

Blue Lynx White

Brown Tortie

Blue Lynx Point

This is a list of other color options for kittens.  We will add photos for these as we get them.

Solid Colors: Black Black with White, Blue Blue with White  Colorpoints with Blue Eyes: Seal Point, Seal Point with White, Seal Lynx Point Seal Lynx Point with White, Blue Point, Blue Point with White, Blue Lynx Point, Blue Lynx Point with White, Red Point, Red Point with White, Cream Point, Cream Point with White, Torbie Point, Torbie Point with White  Tabby and Classic Patterns: Brown Mctabby, Brown Mctabby with White, Brown Classic, Brown Classic with White, Blue Mctabby, Blue Mctabby with White, Blue Classic, Blue Classic with White, Red Mctabby, Red Mctabby with White, Red Classic, Red Classic with White, Cream Mctabby, Cream Mctabby with White, Cream Classic, Cream Mctabby with White, Torbie, Torbie with White, Tortie, Tortie with White  Smokes: Black Smoke, Black Smoke with White, Torbie Smoke, Torbie Smoke with White, Red Smoke, Red Smoke with White