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No cat Allergies to Hypo Allergenic Siberian Cats

Freaky Siberian has been around multiple people with severe cat allergies and they all have said they cannot believe it. People who can normally walk into a house and instantly know a cat lives there. My mom had not been able to touch a surface that a cat touched for about 40 years; she can sleep with my cat.

Our pretty girl Luna, she has been with us for about 8 months now. My husband is very allergic to cats and dogs but has had no issues with babygirl being in our home.
We have severe allergies in our family, and even though Zoya likes to curl around your neck, no one has had an allergic reaction to her.
My other Siberian. Danila, aka Mister. Most chill cat I’ve ever had. Again, no allergic reaction to him at all for my hubs.

Sweet Lily! I have many allergies but my Siberians have never caused me a problem. Plus they make us laugh every day!

Niko the Rock Star Siberian kitten

Hi Kathy,

Just wanted to let you know that the kitten arrived safe and sound last night and is certainly no worse for the wear. He is not only beautiful but very friendly, curious, brave and playful. He had his vet check today and all went well (he was quite a rock star at the office). We are calling him Niko (Nikolai). You’ve obviously done a great job handling and socializing him as he is taking everything in stride. We love him.
Hi Kathy,

Christmas Siberian Kittens Available


Make sure you reserve you Siberian kitten now before they are all gone!! We have several colors of kittens still available but very limited. We are USDA Licensed and GA State Licensed and we can ship a kitten to you if you are not local. The picture of kittens in this post are kittens from a previous Christmas. Look at the web page under kittens to see current kittens still available. Meowy Catmust!!

Christmas in July Meet Our Hypoallergenic Siberian Cats

Make sure you reserve your Christmas Hypo-Allergenic Siberian Kittens in July. Contact Croshka Siberians to get your names added to our wait list. We have litters of kittens due in August and litters that will be ready for their new homes just before Christmas. Contact us today!! Croshka Siberians is located in Atlanta, Georgia and we are able to ship a kitten to you since we are USDA Licensed and GA State Licensed.

Little Pushka Our Fantastic Siberian Kitten!!


Hi Kathy,
I do believe that our little Pushka has made herself at home. There is nothing that she can’t find a way to explore. Are you sure that she was only 10 weeks old? This is the most athletic kitten I have ever seen. Lol. It only took a couple days to get her using the litter box. So I think we have a fantastic kitten. Thank you.
The Goins Family located in Indiana

Hypo Allergenic Siberian Kitten with his dog buddy!

Hi Kathy,
Just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying our new kitten. He is so beautiful and just the nicest little creature imaginable. Super affectionate and friendly and we all just love him to pieces. We also have a little Shih tzu named Emma and she is all over this kitten, he just loves her too, it’s really funny. I couldn’t be happier and I can’t thank you enough. I actually want another one! Have a wonderful 2016!!

Take care,

Melanie Rasmussen

Gandalf the Grey and Emma