Croshka Siberian Cat Cuteness Overload

Click on the video link and enjoy 2 minutes of Croshka Siberian Cat Cuteness Overload!!

Siberian Cat Cuteness Overload

Such a cute video of a Croshka Siberian Cat helping in the workshop

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  1. Hello. Such beautiful cats! My adult daughter has made a request for this breed of feline. I would love to get her one! We have not had a cat in the house in almost 10 yrs because of allergies, but as I found out at the vets office one day….I am not allergic to these! How are they with dogs? I have two toy poodles and while my daughter is still living with me, I wanted to make sure that was not a concern. Do you have any fur babies? What do I need to know about these lil darlings if different than domestic long hair cats? Thank you! I look forward to your reply. Have a great day!

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