Monthly Archives: March 2015

Hypo-Allergenic Siberian Testimony

figueroasiberiansRoxanne Figueroa testomony of their Siberian Cats From Croshka. “My son and I are severely allergic to cats, yet neither of us have had any reactions. We purchased 2 kittens and they have been amazing. We cuddle with them and they roam freely around our house.” Siberian Cats have been known to have lower levels of allergens that produce cat allergies.  This is not a guarantee but many families have been successful in living with a Siberian Cat.  Contact Croshka Siberians if  looking for a kitten.

New Litters of Hypo-Allergenic Kittens

DSC_0372Spring has sprung with kittens being born at Croshka Siberians. We have several different colors of kittens available and possible colorpoints due next month. Siberians are Hypo-Allergenic to most people and a wonderful family pet.

Siberian kittens from Moscow Arriving

new-russia-kittensWe are so excited upon getting two more Siberian kittens from Moscow,  Russia. Next Wednesday March 11, 2015 I will be picking up Nil Snejnaya Zima a Seal lynx point  male and Zalata Velikii Ohotnik a blue lynx point.  Both of these beauties will be future breeders of Croshka Siberians.