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I absolutely love my Siberian kittens!

terriblkwhiteterrispHi Kathy,

I just wanted to let you know how much I absolutely love my kittens. Although I suppose they don’t look like kittens anymore, as they are huge!

I’ve always been a dog person. Had dogs my entire life and I’m deathly allergic to cats. But I took a leap of faith this year with our Lollipop and Skillywoo. I didn’t know how it would go – either with my allergies or my dog-like disposition.

But they have completely won me over. These cats are so snuggly and affectionate. The worst damage they’ve ever done is knocking a piece of paper off the table. When I go out of town for work and come home, they haven’t done a bit of damage in my home AND they want to snuggle and purr on my lap for two days straight. They are always so happy to have me home, instead of being the stereotypical cat who holds grudges.

They truly are the sweetest things ever, and I can’t imagine life without them anymore. They play together and bring nothing but love and joy to us all. And my allergies have done great with them, so I’m able to snuggle right up into their fur whenever I want.

Thank you for breeding such wonderful cats. They’ve been a gift to us all.


Hypo-Allergenic Testimony


‎Brittany‎ to Croshka Siberian Cats & Kittens

Mila has quickly became part of the family. Within days she was playing and rubbing on our dog, playing around the house like she has no care in the world, and snuggling/giving kisses like she’s been with us for years. Not to mention, my boyfriend can play with her with no allergy problems! We love her!!

Another Siberian Cat Allergy Testimonial


Valerie Brooks-D’Abreu
My husband and son have allergies towards cats, but my husband knew that I really loved cats and wanted one. When our youngest daughter was little she asked if we could get rid of daddy so that she could have a cat; however that was not happening. She grown now and almost 2 years ago, my husband surprised with a Siberian kitten from Croshka Siberian Cats & Kittens. He and my son has not had any problems with their allergies towards Caesar.

Hypo-Allergenic Kittens for Christmas

Christmas Siberian Kittens available in a Rainbow of colors. Several litters of kittens available as early as the end of October to the week before Christmas. Red mctabby males, brown mctabby males with and without white, brown torbie females, blue torbie females, black male, and the newest litter of colorpoint kittens with the blue eyes. See all kittens on the web site located in Georgia can ship to you on Delta. We are USDA Licensed and GA State Licensed.

Croshka Siberians can ship your kitten to you on Delta Airlines

Croshka Siberians can ship your kitten to you on Delta Airlines

Croshka Siberians can ship a kitten to you on Delta airlines. Delta has been used by Croshka for over 21 years. Atlanta Georgia is Delta’s hub so most are direct flights. We are USDA licensed and GA State licensed so we can ship. Normally Delta charges around $240 which you pay to them on pick up. You would also need to send Croshka $130 to cover the required health certificate from our Vet and a carrier for travel.

Sweet Siberian Kitten Sochi!!


I cannot thank you enough for the sweetest baby girl we named Sochi! She is just puuuurfect in every way! She was very comfortable and sociable from the minute we brought her home, which I feel is a real testament to how you raised her. She sleeps upside down, all sprawled out, proving how trusting and loving she is. You were so easy to communicate and work with, and we can’t thank you enough for helping to bring this little treasure into our lives! (And the added bonus, my husband’s allergies haven’t seemed to surface!!)
Thanks again,
Amanda Jung
8/15/2015 Kathy,
Just wanted to give you a little update on my sweet girl. I took her to my vet yesterday (which is a “cats only” vet-so they know the breed well.) They thought Sochi was just beautiful, and was so well raised-speaks so nicely of what a good job you do. Everything was great with her exam, including her feline leukemia test-which was negative. (Although they told me it would be super rare to see feline leukemia in a pure bred.) She is already at 4lb 2oz-so she is ok to be spayed at any time. They won’t do it before 4lbs, but any time after that (and preferably before she comes into heat) they said is the best time, so I’m going to bring her in for that in the next few weeks. I just want to give her a little more time to get super used to being here before I put her through a whole other ordeal!! Just thought you’d be happy to hear that she continues to do very well, and is a very healthy girl! I’ll have the vet forward you the information about her surgery when she’s spayed.Thanks again,

Love Those Siberian Cats Green Eyes !

Beautiful Rhys a green eyed Hypo-Allergenic blue mctabby Siberian male. The blue mctabby male with his arms crossed is Bear another Siberian Cat. Also pictured is Sergei a blue and white Siberian cat. All of these Siberians are from Croshka Siberians.Rhys bearblue-mctabby bluewhite

Hypo-Allergenic Siberian Cat Testimony

redcreammaSusan Landess Pitcher: I have very severe cat allergies, plus asthma, when exposed to cats. We now have THREE Siberian Forest Cats, all from Croshka, and I have no problem living with them! I can pet them, play with them, cuddle them, etc. For me, this is an absolute miracle and I am very grateful to Croshka for my 3 beautiful furry babies: Leonidas, Orion, and Skylar Gray!!!