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$ 1,450.00
For Sale
Wait List for 2018
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Wait List 2018 A $200.00 non refundable fee is required to be put on the wait list Kittens are $1450-1550 the solid colors and the colorpoints with the blue eyes are $1550.00 When a kitten is chosen the $200 is applied to the kitten.
2017 Porterfield
9/17/17 Crews Blue lynx point with white M
12/2/17 Waymire
12/17 Porterfield
1/9/18 Hennessy (TN)
1/20/18 Quinn GA
1/25/18 Reed-Johnson
2/16/18 Strahan (NC)
2/26/18 Morris (AL)
3/2/18 Ebenal (WA) blue lynx point F
3/9/17 Kim (GA)
3/12/18 Cosby (AL) red mctabby
3/14/18 Major (GA) torbie or lynx point
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